How to Avoid Unhealthy Relationships

How to Avoid Unhealthy Relationships – In a relationship, it is normal to have an argument. Constant fighting can lead to a loss of confidence, self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness. This will really affect our mental state which was initially fine to be very problematic. Worse yet, many people do not realize that they are in a toxic relationship that needs to be fixed or even ended.

Most people maintain an unhealthy relationship with their partner for one reason only, namely the fear of being alone. If this has happened to you, remember that you are far more valuable despite your toxic relationship.
Here’s how to avoid a toxic relationship:

1. Find chemistry

Chemistry usually refers to physical attraction but can include intellectual attraction as well. It’s about how you find the right person. Do you enjoy each other’s relationship and is there any chemistry between you two? This is important, because without this, you are nothing more than a friend in a relationship.

If you don’t find chemistry with someone, you should not take further steps to establish a romantic relationship with them so that later you don’t get caught in a toxic relationship.

2. Prepare to leave or be left behind

Before trying to deal with a toxic partner to repair the relationship, we need to prepare ourselves. It could be that he will end this relationship if we do not agree on ways to improve the relationship, or we choose to leave because it is a dead end. We also need to make sure whether our confidence and self-esteem are good enough or not before deciding to continue or finish.

3. Don’t be afraid of yourself

Many people are satisfied with the wrong relationship, it’s because they are afraid of being single. People tend to feel that stigma when they don’t have a partner.

4. Make considerations before getting into a relationship

Make a list of characteristics to define your future partner, but not trivial things like face or body type. This one is much more important like her personality, being wise or responsible for example. So when you are approached by someone, you can control yourself so you are not easily anesthetized by their appearance. This will help you to maintain your attitude so that you don’t rush into a relationship with someone who doesn’t match the list of personality traits that you have set.

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5. Seek professional help

A person can recognize a toxic relationship if one partner feels worse about themselves or uncomfortable when they are close to a partner. If you have reached this stage, you need to see a mental health professional who can give you a positive perspective.

6. Learn to trust yourself

Toxic relationships often involve “gaslighting” which can leave us constantly doubting ourselves. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation by a person to appear powerful by controlling others by making the victim unsure of himself. Of course this will make us feel insecure, even believe what he is saying, that we are the ones who are to blame for everything.

7. Find healthier ways to share criticism

Constructive criticism should be done in a healthy way in a relationship. But if someone used to criticize in a judgmental or condescending way this certainly wouldn’t help. We have to build a dialogue where we can hear each other’s point of view, so it’s not just one person’s monologue. Both should discuss and listen to each other.

8. Make sure that he can be trusted

Pay attention to whether your partner can be trusted or not. Are they someone you can count on? Or do they show consistency between their words and actions? Make sure you don’t get caught in a toxic relationship.

9. Choose a partner who is always open to you

A good relationship is when your partner always involves you in the circle of his life. Like when he is happy, he will always remember you and try to make you happy instead of being alone with his friends. Or when he’s having trouble, the first person he goes to is you. He is always open to you no matter what situation he is in.

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